Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great deals! What do you think of spray paint?

This afternoon I hit Lifeway Christian Store to look for a book. They didn't have the book I was looking for, but they had Christmas Clearance items for 75% off! I was stoked! Here is what I got:

The yellow box contains a book and CD titled "Happy Birthday Jesus" reg 9.99, paid $2.50. We don't have children yet, but I'm BELIEVING!! The cookie jar says "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus", was $24.99 paid $6.25. The little Christmas Tree Nativity Tea Light thing was $9.99 and I paid $2.50. And last was the brown picture plaque with scripture. It was 19.99 @50% off, so I only paid $10.00 for it.

Not too shabby, eh?

I'm going to put the book and CD into my hope chest. I used to call it my "hopeless chest" but when I thought about calling it that today, I felt bad about it. All my hope is in Christ alone, there is NOTHING that is HOPELESS with Him...can I get an AMEN?

The brown plaque is for my bedroom. I want to do brown and green in there. Since I'm a blue FANATIC, I'm trying to go with different colors. The walls I'd like to paint a shade of green and I'd like to get chocolate brown sheets, and a green waffle type coverlet for our bed. I like this one from Ikea. But, the closest Ikea is in Atlanta. Soon there will be one in Charlotte which is closer. I'm not sure if that's the shade green I want either. I'm so wishy washy! Also, I think I'm just looking for a reason to take a trip to Ikea.

Also, I'm thinking since I LOVE blue, but I'm trying to stop using it EVERYWHERE, I thought it would be nice to do something in a muted blue tone. With that said…would you paint this hutch black?

I could put it in the dining room, instead of leaving it in the kitchen. Also, I could put the other table in my kitchen with no chairs and in desperate need of refinishing in the dining room after painting it black to match the hutch. The walls could be painted a soft robin egg blue. Sounds so Pottery Barn, doesn't it? Pretty much, that’s where I got the idea. So imagine, black furniture, soft robin egg blue, white crown molding. I'm gonna have to turn my charm on to convince the husband about this one!

So much to do, I’m getting overwhelmed. I probably won’t start anything now!!!


Joye said...

I agree PCOS sucks. It totally messes with us. I used OPK then bought a fancy digital one. After I take Clomid- on day 15 I go to my RE dr and have a vag us- they see if I have any follicles long enough to release an egg- B/c I have PCOS I have many small follies aka cysts. Then b/c my hormones are so jacked up I take a "trigger shot" ovadrill to boost my hormones to release the egg from that follie. Damn I sound like I know what I a talking about TTC made me learn bio! Scary :) I don't have your email or I would have sent this there- since it is kinda long and ...Hope this helps? Please let me know if you need any support on your journey.

Bethany said...

No, no, no! Don't paint it black! It's GORGEOUS! :) I think you should leave it alone, but then I'm into the antique-y look...

Traci said...

YES, YES, paint it black and put vintage wallpaper on the back wall!!!! You could also use the neat scrapbook papers they have now. I did a dresser in black and then sanded it....LOVE it. My pics don't do it justice though.

SeaShore said...

If it's an antique, then no, I wouldn't paint it. It's probably veneer and it will be ruined.

If it's junk furniture, then yeah, go ahead, paint it!