Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm losing the same weight over and over...

Finally, I made weigh in at my local Weight Watchers. I was so sad to see that I'm right back where I started at the beginning of 2007. Pretty much...I'm sick of losing the same weight over and over again. So, do something about it you say? Well, I AM!! Things have been going well since Wednesday (I know it's only Friday)but with weight loss every consecutive "good day" is a good thing.

Has any one tried Arnold's Sandwich Thins? They are really good and only 1 point. Tonight I am going to try them as a hamburger bun. I'll let you know how that goes.

This past week I have had a HUGE blessing fall into my lap. My sister-in-law, Freddie came for a visit on last Friday. Here is a picture of Freddie and I at her first Clemson game, she's the skinnier one! :)
On our way home we got into this conversation:
Amanda~"Freddie, if you want to stay with us next week, I'll pay you $50.00 to vacuum, mop, clean the bathrooms and the baseboards."
Freddie ~"OKAY!!" {rather quickly}

She has done such a great job all week, we have given her extra money, and the best part is she is staying all next week too!! Its been so nice to come home to a clean house, and I've been able to focus on organizing and purging my home. Praise the Lord and thanks Freddie for all your hard work!

Now Sunday, I get to do school work all day......

But, at least the house is clean!

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proudgrits11 said...

Ooooh, goodness, the never-ending task of keeping the house clean! We are constantly purging and rearranging, it never ends!! It is so freeing to have fewer things you don't need, I try to remind myself of that when I have a hard time getting started!! Are you aware of the Flylady?? She's great for home organization! you know me--gotta spread the knowledge!