Thursday, December 11, 2008

I don't want to turn 30! Thanks Lourdes!

This year, I turn 30. YUCK! I always wanted to be 23. Older than a teenager, but not 30. But, it's rapidly approaching and I must say I'm not happy. My dear, sweet friend Lourdes reminded me of a couple of things when I complaining about my 30th birthday.

She said "30 = hmmmm…married to a wonderful man, own a home (many people much older than that never do), got a recent promotion and have a good job in an interesting field, started college 10+ years after highschool, have a lab that absolutely loves you, great friends"

Why am I complaining? How many women have lost their life prior to their 30th Birhtday and would give anything to be in my position. I think if we take the time, we can see how fortunate we are in every situation. Does it mean that I'm no longer sore about turning 30? NEGATIVE. I'm still sore, and I'm still not celebrating, but I'm not AS sore as I was. Thanks, Lourdes.

Christmas is going to be a little different this year. Ernie, Hook and I are heading to the mountains for Christmas. We are going to Asheville, just to get away. I'm really looking forward to it. Pictures will come soon.

Signing off for now...29 years old,


Stacey said...

Greetings! I am Stacey and have enjoyed reading your blog. It looks like we have a few things in common. My blog was recently started this month, I think on December 15th. I noticed that you said you like reading other peoples blogs, so if you have not read mine, then feel free to take a look.
Turning 30, I remember that it was a trying number for me as well. Only at age 30, I had not met my husband and was just out of a long term relationship that I thought was progressing to marriage. At that time I felt like an old maid and that marriage would never happen for me. Finally at age 31 my Prince Charming came along and swept me off my feet. :)
My prayers are with you, it is so nice to find other Christian ladies to share thoughts with. God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

Kim said...

30 was fantastic for me, I hope it is for you too :) (Kim = 34!)