Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Publix 03/04/09. Last weeks Publix and KMart double coupons

It looks like Publix is going to have a pretty good sale this week. Here is what I am planning on getting:

-Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice - BOGO ($3.59) -$1.00 off coupon = .79 cents each

-Smuckers Uncrustables 3/$6.00 or $2.00 each - $.55 off coupon = $1.45 per box ($.36 per sandwich). These will be 5 WW points, and paired with some carrots it should make good low cost lunches.

-Frosted Cheerios - BOGO ($4.59) -$.50 off coupons (they double at Publix) = $1.29 per box. Will make for a great snack!

-Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce - BOGO ($2.29) = $1.15 each. The Vidalia Onion sauce is GREAT!!!

- Yoplait Yogurt- 20/$10.00. I will get 18 cups. I have various coupons for these and will end up spending around $.32 per cup.

-Publix Milk - 2/$5.00. It has been a long time since milk was this low!!!

That pretty much sums my trip up. Unless...Can anyone tell me if you can freeze the pre-made cookie dough from the refrigerator section?

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What will you be getting this week?

Before I forget. Here is what I got at Publix last week for $22.30:

And I got all 7, yes SEVEN deoderants for $2.25

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