Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Lord Spot

Not to long ago, Tabitha over at Roots and Wings questioned her blog readers about thier "inner room".

Our house is an older starter "ranch style" house. We don't have big closets. But, the more I read on Tabitha's blog, the more I found that you don't actually have to have a "closet" or a whole room in order to have my inner room, prayer closet or Lord Spot. You need a space. So I've dubed my space "My Lord Spot" And here it is:

It's bare. I know. The first time I used this space, I realized a "Lord Spot" is just what I needed. A place with purpose. I have to admit, I'm a bit energy challenged (okay, LAZY). I'm not one to take out things, put them up, only to take them out again the next day. It just seems like too much. So this spot has everything I need for my time with the Lord. I have my chair, my bible, post-it's, pens, highlighters, the book I am reading and my journal. I even have a candle. Not that the candle has any significance other than I think it smells pretty. I told my Aunt Michele that I wanted the Lord to feel at home when He and I were together ;)

Here are the items I have available:

I really love my Lord Spot. I think it will be key in keeping me in prayer and studying His word daily.

Do you have a Lord Spot or a prayer closet?

Pray without ceasing ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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Anonymous said...

Dedicating an area to worship and meditate in your home is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing. By the way you are not alone I am definetly one of those energy challenged people too.